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A: DrPashu Technologies makes high-quality veterinary care accessible in India through our innovative DrPashu app, offering instant, convenient, and multilingual online vet consultations for pet parents and livestock farmers.

A: The DrPashu app connects users directly with qualified veterinarians and paravets through real-time video calls, provides AI-powered disease prediction for early intervention, offers consultations in 11 Indian languages, and features informative resources on animal health topics.

A: The cutting-edge AI-Health engine in the DrPashu app helps in preliminary disease prediction by allowing users to select their animal’s symptoms, upload clear pictures, and receive potential diagnoses to aid veterinarians in making informed decisions and expediting the treatment process.

A: DrPashu Technologies offers flexible pricing options and subscription plans to suit individual needs, ensuring that veterinary care is accessible to all. Additionally, instant e-prescriptions eliminate the need for additional trips to pharmacies, saving valuable time and resources.

A: Individuals can experience the future of animal care by downloading the DrPashu app for free. After logging into the app, they can start their first online vet consultation with just a few clicks. By becoming part of the DrPashu Community, users can access expert guidance, educational resources, and trusted veterinary care anytime, anywhere in their preferred language.