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At DrPashu, we’re dedicated to revolutionizing animal healthcare. Our mission is to empower farmers and veterinarians with innovative tools that enhance the well-being of animals. Meet the passionate team behind DrPashu App and discover our commitment to advancing animal health.

Welcome to DrPashu App – Revolutionizing Animal Healthcare

Experience hassle-free online vet consultation at your fingertips with DrPashu. Connect instantly with experienced veterinary professionals for personalized care and advice, all from the comfort of your home. With our cutting-edge AI-powered Vets and para-vets available for instant video calls, get timely assistance for your livestock or beloved pets in a language of your choice.

Experience convenient and efficient online vet consultations with DrPashu Technologies. Our mission is to provide high-quality veterinary care at affordable rates for every pet parent and livestock farmer in India. Through our innovative app, connect instantly with qualified veterinarians and paravets in real-time video calls, eliminating the need for travel and inconvenient appointments. Benefit from early disease prediction with our AI-Health engine and enjoy clear communication in 11 Indian languages. With flexible pricing options and subscription plans, quality veterinary care is accessible to all. Join us in actively participating in your animals’ well-being with DrPashu app.

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Veterinarian Partners

Dr.Pashu Technologies makes sure that consulting your online veterinarian is just a 1 minute job. We are accessible and affordable!

AI-powered diagnosis

The power of AI is revolutionizing and we don’t keep ourselves behind. With disease prediction and the right invention of our vets, we take the correct measures.


With several doctors listed with us, we make our service instant, and convenient and provide multilingual pet consultation 24x7 eliminating any barriers.

Educating the masses

Dr.Pashu Technologies empowers pet parents and livestock farmers about potential information related to their pets so that the right step can be taken at the best time.

Revolutionizing Animal Care with Technology

Online vet consultations have never been more accessible and efficient, thanks to DrPashu Technologies. With a mission to make high-quality veterinary care affordable for every pet parent and livestock farmer in India, the innovative DrPashu app offers instant, convenient, and multilingual consultations with qualified veterinarians and paravets / pashu sakhis. Through real-time video calls, this platform eliminates the need for long travel times and inconvenient appointments, providing seamless and efficient veterinary care right from the comfort of your home or farm.

Experience the power of early disease prediction with DrPashu app’s AI-Health engine, which not only connects you with experts but also assists in preliminary diagnosis. The platform’s multilingual support in 11 Indian languages ensures clear communication and fosters trust between pet owners and veterinarians. Plus, with flexible pricing options and subscription plans, DrPashu app makes quality veterinary care affordable for all, empowering pet parents and livestock farmers to actively participate in their animals’ well-being.

Meet our amazing team

Kumar BM

CEO & Co-Founder

Kumar is a Technology & Growth Marketer with over twenty years of work experience in B2B and B2C companies & Start-ups. He completed PGDM (MBA) from IIM Ahmedabad after graduating as an Electronics Engineer from SVNIT (erstwhile REC) Surat.

Nikhil Gupta

CTO & Co-Founder

Nikhil has 30 years experience in IT Industry (Wipro, NTT DATA and DoT), a strong team player and passionate about coaching and driving innovation. He loves sports like volleyball and badminton. He has a Bachelor from IIT-Varanasi and MBA from MIT (US).

Samiddha Chakrabarti

Backend Developer

I like backend development and web development. I also like to work in Artificial intelligence

Meghashree Das

Marketing Specialist

Worked in the field of marketing for 4 years, I am here to make a difference and help millions of people take care of their pets.