Benefit for Companies

Offering companies in the animal health industry the opportunity to expand their market reach, access valuable data for research and development, engage directly with stakeholders, and increase brand visibility within the DrPashu community.

Unlock Market Potential with DrPashu App

In today’s dynamic agricultural landscape, seizing market opportunities and fostering collaborations are paramount. With the DrPashu App, companies can tap into a vast market comprising farmers, veterinarians, and allied stakeholders, expanding their reach and exploring synergistic partnerships. Leveraging data-driven insights, enhancing customer engagement, and boosting brand visibility, DrPashu offers a comprehensive solution to propel your business forward in the animal health industry.

Our Solution: Empowering Businesses with Strategic Tools

The DrPashu App provides a multifaceted solution to companies aiming for market expansion and innovation in the animal health sector. By leveraging our platform, businesses can access aggregated data for robust research and development initiatives, paving the way for groundbreaking innovations. Furthermore, direct engagement with farmers and veterinarians enables companies to gather valuable feedback, fostering product improvement and nurturing long-term customer relationships.

Why Choose Us?

Market Expansion

Seamlessly access a broader market and forge collaborations to unlock new growth opportunities.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Directly engage with stakeholders, gather insights, and build meaningful relationships for sustained success.

Brand Visibility

Showcase your offerings to a targeted audience, enhancing brand visibility and fostering trust within the DrPashu App community.

Online Vet Consultations: A New Era of Veterinary Medicine


DrPashu Technologies is committed to revolutionizing veterinary care in India, ensuring that it is both accessible and affordable for every pet parent and livestock farmer. Employing innovative solutions, the company strives to bridge gaps in animal healthcare, utilizing cutting-edge technology to create a future where top-tier veterinary services are within reach for all. At the core of this initiative is the DrPashu app, a user-friendly platform facilitating instant, multilingual consultations with qualified veterinarians and paravets/pashu sakhis. By addressing the unique challenges of diverse caretakers, the app contributes to the well-being of individual pets and the overall productivity of livestock.


The DrPashu app revolutionizes online vet consultations with instant, convenient, and multilingual services via real-time video calls. It eradicates the necessity for travel, providing pet owners and livestock farmers seamless access to professional advice while overcoming language barriers. This innovative approach aligns with DrPashu Technologies’ commitment to enhancing accessibility and ensuring a streamlined, user-friendly experience for diverse individuals seeking expert veterinary guidance.

AI-Powered Diagnosis

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, our app goes beyond conventional boundaries, enabling accurate preliminary disease prediction. This empowers veterinarians with crucial insights, facilitating informed decisions for timely and effective interventions in the early stages of ailments. Through this innovative approach, we are committed to enhancing the overall efficiency of veterinary care, ensuring that pets and livestock receive proactive and personalized attention.


Language Options

Experience the convenience of consulting with veterinarians in your preferred language through our app, which provides online vet consultations in 11 Indian languages. This commitment ensures clear communication and understanding, promoting effective and personalized veterinary care for your pets.


Empowerment and Education

DrPashu Technologies is committed to empowering pet parents and livestock farmers by providing valuable knowledge through a wealth of informative resources and educational articles. By offering insights and guidance, the company aims to facilitate informed decision-making, ensuring the optimal well-being of animals in their care. Through this dedication to education, DrPashu Technologies strives to create a community where individuals are equipped with the knowledge necessary for responsible and compassionate animal stewardship.