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AI-enabled Health Monitoring of your Livestock & Farms

We provide a comprehensive, yet simple solution to Livestock Cooperatives & Farmers that can help monitor the health of their livestock and the KPIs of their farms.

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Livestock farmers are depending on their local knowledge to manage the farms. Our objective is to provide a technological solution to the farmer in order to improve their productivity and profitability.

We provide a simple interface via an App so that farmers can monitor the health of their livestock and their farm (in terms of financial health). The target market is livestock and poultry farmers in India and across the world.


Monitoring Health of Livestock

Currently, for managing the animal health, livestock farmers are dependent on expensive veterinarians or their previous experience.

Most farmers struggle to take good care of their livestock due to lack of good veterinarians in their city/town. The problem is even more severe in smaller towns and villages where finding good veterinarians in a timely manner remains a key problem.

Manual Monitoring of Profitability of Farms

Also, farmers manually manage all the details of revenue generated via sale of eggs and costs like Feed costs, animal EMI, vaccination costs etc. Manual data keeping is prone to errors. Thus, It is difficult to calculate the overall profitability of the farm.

Lack of Early Warning Systems

Early warning system for any kind of epidemic like Bird-flu is also missing. This leads to massive losses due to culling of livestock in large numbers whenever such a disease outbreak happens.

No Marketplace for Livestock-related items

The farmers do not have a stable market to sell the milk/eggs/meat or to buy the feed. The input cost of the feed can increase dramatically leading to wiping out of all profits. Similarly, a dip in demand can lead to huge losses to the farmer.


We have designed and developed a mobile application which assists farmers to manage the health of their animals and helps in monitoring the financial health (Revenue/profits etc) of their Livestock farm.

Easy Monitoring of Health of Livestock using AI

This App helps in tracking the health of the livestock by using our unique AI-powered Health module. The farmer can easily select the various symptoms that a particular animal is displaying. Also, he/she can upload the images of the animal/bird. Our AI engine will analyse all the symptoms and images and list down the possible diseases.

A disease outbreak can be tracked geographically and be used to virtually monitor the spread of the disease in an area. This can be used by the farmers to proactively take corrective action and save their farms. Not only that, it will also suggest the potential steps that the farmers can take to cure the disease or to reduce the impact of the disease. The AI also takes into consideration the vaccinations that have been already provided to the livestock.

Early Warning Systems to take Preventive Action before Time

We use the weather forecast data to provide an early-warning system to the farmers. Any inclement forecast conditions will be sent as alerts to the farmers who can adjust the farm conditions accordingly. Example, switching on of fans for a heat-wave or closing windows for a thunderstorm.

Automatic Monitoring of Health of Farms

Monitoring the financial status of the farm has been made very easy by entering all details on the app. It provides all the details of the financial health of the farm as well the health of the livestock in a simple easy to understand dashboard.

Marketplace for Livestock-related items

The app enables creation of a marketplace where the farmer can sell his produce (like eggs/milk/meat) etc or buy feed. Any farmer can list his/her produce or feed requirements on the notice board. Buyers can browse the listing and purchase produce or feed based on geographical proximity and price.

Integrated Payment Gateway

A payment gateway has been integrated into the app so that the app can be used to make and receive payments. We can also partner with various banks who provide loans to the farmers and who can use this app to ensure that the loans are paid back timely and track the profitability to the farmers.

Comprehensive App for Other Animals

Currently, we cover various animals like Chicken, Goat/Sheep, Cow/Buffalo etc. In future, we are planning to expand the app to cover other animals like Fishes, Ducks etc. The app can be extended to support ancillary units like cage manufacturers and transporters.

Summary & Conclusion

We have designed and developed a comprehensive mobile application which provides a one-stop-shop for all the key problems that a livestock farmer faces today.

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